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Paramount Performance Psychology

To perform, psychology is paramount.

Experts in human performance.

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Paramount Performance Psychology

About us

We provide highly qualified mental performance consultants to take you to the next level. Our founder is a former researcher at the world leading brain sciences facility, the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, and a Master of Science from the best university in the world for sport. We've advised amateur and professional athletes as well as chiefs of companies that deal with billions of pounds.


We exist to make you better. That's athletic performance and general wellbeing. The psychological revolution in performance is just beginning and we can't wait to give you the edge over your competition.

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Our Principles

Our core principles make us different to other mind coaches. We are...

Science Led

Everything we do is based in high quality science. We keep up to date with all the latest research so that you don't have to.

Client First

You are the star of the show, not us. We are dedicated to serving your best interests. It's all about you.

Tailor Made

We listen incredibly closely and deliver a unique plan to maximise your performance.

Example services

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We use proven techniques to train you to catch and stop negative thoughts. And we go one step further to restructure those thoughts into positives.

You'll become more consciously aware of your internal dialogue and learn to master and control it.

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Stress is inevitable. But some people can deal with it better than others.

We will provide you with tools and techniques to:

1) minimise the impact

2) reduce the duration

3) speed up your bounce back.

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We don't just help you win, we help you thrive. For some, high levels of success come with low levels of wellbeing. We prepare you to feel great and win.

On your journey there will be tough times. We equip you to learn, develop and be stronger coming out the other side.

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We've over a decade of experience helping people set and achieve goals.

We work with you to create your vision for your future, set medium term goals, and write short term action plans.

We encourage you all the way and monitor progress, adjusting where needed.

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Individual sports

As an individual athlete you're the one putting it all on the line when you step out to compete. This presents some unique challenges.

Whether it's combat sports, golf or tennis you'll need to deal with pressure and find mental clarity to focus. Your brain is your biggest asset.

We help you find the flow state and get you in the zone.

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Team sports

Team environments are full of opportunities but they also have their own set of complexities. We bring the best out in you personally, and we maximise your positive influence on the team.

Our coaches are certified by the Barcelona Innovation Hub.



Guided visualisation

Utilising the latest sports science research into mental imagery and influenced by Neuro-lingusitic Processing (NLP), the buddhist practice of mindfulness, and hypnotherapy, our guided visualisation offering is comprehensive and second to none.



Competitive Anxiety

Many athletes struggle with competitive anxiety.

Our proven 5 step programme enables you to use the anxiety as a positive and improve performance. We find your optimal 'activation state' and help you find that state more easily.

By the end of the programme you'll have the right balance between calm, focused mental clarity and fired up for battle.

Ready, set, go...

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